The objective of this volume is to show how the assembly and manufacturing technologies evolve along with the advancement of enabling technologies and how the emergence of a high complexity of micro/nano system products dictate the development of new technologies and tools for their assembly and manufacturing. To this end, we have chosen 19 papers, top-rated yet relevant, out of the 76 papers accepted to present at the 8th IEEE International Symposium on Assembly and Manufacturing. The 19 papers chosen are further revised into the final manuscripts for book chapters that are organized into three parts: Part I: Fixture, Grasping and Manipulation in Assembly and Manufacturing, Part II: Micro/Macro Assembly and Disassembly, and Part III: Manufacturing System Scheduling and Control. Part I, II and III are reviewed and organized by the co-editors of this volume, Prof. Raul Suarez, Prof. Sukhan Lee and Dr. Byungwook Choi, respectively.

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