Function Theory in the Unit Ball of Cn. From the reviews: 'The book is easy on the reader. The prerequisites are minimaljust the standard graduate introduction to real analysis, complex analysis (one variable), and functional analysis. This presentation is unhurried and the author does most of the work. certainly a valuable reference book, and (even though there are no exercises) could be used as a text in advanced courses.' R. Rochberg in Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society. 'an excellent introduction to one of the most active research fields of complex analysis. As the author emphasizes, the principal ideas can be presented clearly and explicitly in the ball, specific theorems can be quickly proved. Mathematics lives in the book: main ideas of theorems and proofs, essential features of the subjects, lines of further developments, problems and conjectures are continually underlined. Numerous examples throw light on the results as well as on the difficulties.' C. Andreian Cazacu in Zentralblatt für Mathematik

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