Can a mysterious scroll found in the Judean desert unlock the secrets of eternal love and end religious warfare before it's too late? Only if the right people possess it. Only if they can prove who wrote the scroll's electrifying message. When Karim Musalaha, a Palestinian on the run, seeks refuge in a forgotten cave near Qumran, he discovers a half-buried clay jar that contains a fragile scroll. His quest to discover its origins takes him a high-speed chase through hostile Jerusalem and West Bank neighborhoods. Caught between his brother's relentless ambition for martyrdom and the forbidden love of a Jewish woman with ties to the highest levels of the Israeli army, Karim must choose between honoring his father or betraying him to serve a higher purpose. The scroll's message also resonates with Judith of Jerusalem, a first-century Jewish woman who, under the cover of darkness, gallops on horseback into the desert with the brother of the man to whom she is betrothed. When her allegiance to the rising Zealot revolution pits her against the Roman occupiers and their priestly collaborators, Judith sees the cruelty of war and realizes her mistake. But is it too late for her to escape and find forgiveness? A letter written by a mysterious Galilean holds the answer, but the Romans have placed a price on his head. Should she risk her life for someone she hardly knows, or risk her soul for a cause and a man she now rejects? Bound by a letter that spans two millennia, both Karim and Judith will either succumb to hatred, violence and hopelessness, or reveal a wisdom that could save us all.

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