Gender, Identity and Reproduction draws on a variety of social science perspectives relevant to an understanding of reproduction across the life-course. It will be of interest to those studying sociology, health studies, cultural studies, and gender studies as well as those who work in the area of human reproduction for example, doctors, nurses, midwives and health promotion specialists. This book consists of twelve contributions, organised into three sections. The first, Representing Reproduction, explores representations of motherhood and fatherhood, and fertility and 'infertility'. the second, Reproductive Encounters, focuses predominantly on the relationships between women and health care professionals; women and their bodies and, to some extent, women and men. The final section, Reproductive Identities, focuses on reproductive injuries and exclusions.The book highlights difference and diversity in relation to contemporary reprodctive choices and constraints, identities and experiences within the context of cultural, medical, political, theoretical and lay ideologies of the reproductive process in contemporary Western societies.

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