Through engaging and direct analysis, Joanne Thomas Yaccato has drawn the line clearly for businessesany successful client relationship strategy must consider the unique perspectives of women. Small, medium and large organizations can benefit from her witty and poignant observations.David I. McKay, Group Head, Canadian Banking, RBCIn a lifestyle based company, Joannes thoughts come at you like a best friend whos not afraid to keep you grounded. In our case, Joannes perspective has allowed us to meet the changing needs of our customers over the years in a relevant and authentic way. The Gender Intelligent Retailer pushes the right buttons and creates dynamic conversations that make valuable differences in the retail shopping experience.Kerri Molinaro, President, IKEA CanadaJoanne has done it again...empowering not only retailers, but consumers, employers and employees with market insight we need to know, and in many cases, should have known by now. Her research and analysis is filled with practical examples that will be an eye-opening read for businesses wondering why they arent connecting with the influential female consumer. The Gender Intelligent Retailer is a recipe for success.Mark Kelley, CBC News, The NationalJoanne Thomas Yaccato has done us all a big favour.The Gender Intelligent Retailershows us the real world of women consumers. By helping to open our eyes to the world we live in, the book opens the doors of opportunity. It is often difficult for old institutions first to recognize and then to react to our changed and changing demands as a society. Joanne and Sean help us see and then navigate the new world with sound insights and an eye that sees our follies and then focuses on a better way to meet the demands of the future.Premier Gordon Campbell, Province of British ColumbiaOnce again Joanne Thomas Yaccato has hit the mark with her new book The Gender Intelligent Retailer! Following on the footsteps of her previous bestseller The 80% Minority Joanne and her retail partner, Sean McSweeney, continue to unlock the secrets of marketing to women in an intelligent, caring, and holistic manner. She finds a way to intertwine humorous stories, imaginative analogies, and real life examples with quantifiable and powerful advice.Diane J. Brisebois, President & CEO, Retail Council of Canada

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