The term 'genre' is used in a huge range of disciplines and media. Yet might this ostensibly shared usage mask a host of varying significations? This interdisciplinary collection of new essays examines the role and meaning of genre across the humanities. Subjects covered include: . Translation & Adaptation (Susan Bassnett, Jeremy Strong) . Animation (Paul Wells, Andy Birtwhistle) . Critical Theory (Paul Cobley, Jeff Collins, Jonathan Gray) . Literature (Martin Ryle, Merja Makinen) . Film & Television (Richard Kilborn, Michael Stewart, Mark Brownrigg and Mike Chopra-Gant) . Theatre & Dance (Garin Dowd, Mo Dodson) . Art History (Lesley Stevenson) Genres: Media, Meanings & Definitions will be relevant to undergraduate and post-graduate students across the humanities. It will be particularly useful to students taking a module or unit that focuses on the question of genre.

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