THE GENTLE ART OF TRAMPING -ROBERT HOLDEN - Originally published in 1927. - My secrct's in the zaind and open sUy, There is no longt ary Timt-to losi ; The world is young tuith laughtcr-u)c can fy Among thc inprisoned bours as we choos!e The rushing minutesp ause; an unusedD ay BreaAs into dawn and cheats the tired sun ; Thc birds are singing. Harl ! Qome out and play ! Therc is no hurry ! Ltft has just begun. -- CONTENTS ---We Set Out-Boots-The Knapsack-Clothes:-(r) Attire-(z) Motley-Carrying Money-The Companion-Whither Away ? --The Art of Idleness-Emblems of Tramping --The Fire-The Bed-The Dip-Drying after Rain-Marching Songs-Scrounging-Seeking Shelter - The Open - The Tramp as Cook....

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