In the age of the Internet, everyone knows what’s new, but only the best leaders have the foresight to sense what’s important and get there ahead of the rush. In order to get there early, leaders need to tune their foresight abilities—to sense the future, to make sense out of threats and opportunities, and to decide when to decide. The Foresight to Insight to Action Cycle, described in detail in the book, helps leaders make strategic sense out of mounting dilemmas. Get There Early includes a map to the decade of dilemmas that we can already taste in today’s current events, drawing from the latest Ten-Year Forecast by Institute for the Future—which has a thirty-eight year track record and is one of the very few futures think tanks ever to outlive its own forecasts. The forecast map unpacks a future that requires new forms of leadership beyond the run-and-gun problem-solver style so common among today’s leaders, many of whom love to solve quick problems but hate to deal with ongoing...

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