A collection of five erotic stories with mixed themes including paranormal, vampire and magic.Ghost With The Most by Lynn LakeThe ghosts were gathering, for a spooky, bring-your-own-sheet Halloween party. And Barbaras husband has just the costume for her: Cassandra the Slutty Ghost a white sheet tight across the chest and tapered at the waist, short across the thighs, holes for her heavily-shadowed eyes and red-painted lips and silver hoop earrings, shiny, white, knee-high leather boots for her feet. Its a costume sexy enough to arouse the dead, at the old red brick mansion built way back in the early 1900s for the skanky mistress of Lord Edmund Beaverton.Flaws by K D GraceLove spells are the most dangerous kind of magic. Mick Denver learns the hard way when he enlists Sally Haddon, a witch who specialises in sex magic, to help him win the affections of his new co-worker, the exquisite and dangerous, Darlene.Nymph by Kyoko ChurchThink vampires are sexy? Maybe if youre in high school. Vampires feed off human blood. But then there are Nymphs. Nymphs feed off another kind of bodily fluid.When Charlotte meets Ben the chemistry is instant and she knows theres something different about him. More intense, erotic and alive. But when she finds theres a certain oral act he seems reluctant to perform she wonders if shes made a mistake. Maybe he isnt for her. Then she finds out the reason why.What Charlotte learns leads her into the most fiercely passionate and challenging sexual conundrum shes ever experienced.Skin Deep by Kat BlackAn expert in moving among humankind without revealing his true identity, our hunter is surprised to find his trap sprung by a feisty nightclub owner, who not only claims to know what he is, but dares to come between him and his chosen prey. With an insatiable Hunger to feed, he is left to appease his appetite on the interfering female at the same time as teaching her a deadly lesson, but for once, finds he has bitten off more than he can chew.Airfield by James HornbyFrom a time of heros and loss; a time of desperate hope and seized moments to a time of silent fields that bath in the moonlight. On this night she awakes with the thunder of phantom engines in her ears and the memory of her lover in her mind. To the airfield she will go and there she finds more than lost memories. She becomes an intruder of both time and innate pleasure.These stories have also been published in Dark Desires ISBN 9781907761706 / 9781907761713

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