The concrete tools manufacturing enterprises need to thrive in today's global environmentFor a manufacturing enterprise to succeed in this current volatile economic environment, a revolution is needed in restructuring its three main components: product design, manufacturing, and business model. The Global Manufacturing Revolution is the first book to focus on these issues. Based on the author's long-standing course work at the University of Michigan, this unique volume proposes new technologies and new business strategies that can increase an enterprise's speed of responsiveness to volatile markets, as well as enhance the integration of its own engineering and business.Introduced here are innovations to the entire manufacturing culture:An original approach to the analysis of manufacturing paradigmsSuggested methods for developing creativity in product designA quantitative analysis of manufacturing system configurationsA new manufacturing "reconfigurable" paradigm, in which the speed of responsiveness is the prime business goalAn original approach to using information technology for workforce empowermentThe book also offers analysis and original models of previous manufacturing paradigms' technical and business dimensionsincluding mass production and mass customizationin order to fully explain the current revolution in global manufacturing enterprises. In addition, 200 original illustrations and pictures help to clarify the topics.Globalization is creating both opportunities and challenges for companies that manufacture durable goods. The tools, theories, and case studies in this volume will be invaluable to engineers pursuing leadership careers in the manufacturing industry, as well as to leaders of global enterprises and business students who are motivated to lead manufacturing enterprises and ensure their growth.

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