The Global Positioning System and Geographical Information Systems, working in tandem, provide a powerful tool. Recent developments such as the removal of Selective Availability have not merely made these technologies more accurate but have also opened up a new seam of applications, particularly in location based services. This is a significantly revised and extended new edition of Michael Kennedy's book. The Global Positioning System and GIS, is a guide to the use and integration of these powerful technologies, with each topic combining an overview with a step-by-step approach. The book now comes with a set of resources on a CD-ROM, including an instructor's guide, demonstration data and exercises. Many more sets of GIS data are provided with the sample GPS data. It is a straightforward introductory text for students and teachers on GIS/GPS courses. It is also a practical and introductory field manual for mapping science professionals, giving basic practical guidance, particularly to the integrated use of ESRI's GIS software with Trimble's GPS hardware.

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