Golf really does not have to spoil a good walk. This guide has been put together for all levels of golfers and will contain something for new and old golfers. Golf is a wonderful sport which takes us to all levels of emotions, some days we wish that the round will never end and other days it make us wish that we should of stayed at home and completed a task on the 'to do' list that we never want to do. I have played golf for a number of years with a variety of people young and old, this guide is written for them, they deserve to have something to help make the game much easier to understand and more enjoyable to play. There are a lot of myths, poor sales and established thinking in the golf world and this guide gives you the chance to avoid the crap and help yourself. Playing golf with present and past tour professionals, selling golf equipment to the public and having a global commercial business background creates a unique objective and insight into golf which I am going to share with you. Enjoy the guide and I am sure that you will enjoy, learn and ask more questions whatever your exposure to golf is from now on.

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