Her Stand-in Groom When Catherine is jilted at the altar, CEO Stephen Danbury rescues the beautiful bride - and accepts her offer to become his wife instead! It will fulfil the terms of his grandfather's will. But when their convenient marriage leads to an accidental pregnancy, will Stephen propose a marriage to last a lifetime? Her Wish-List Bridegroom Having sworn off men for good, Juliet has gone home - only to bump into Gregor McLeod. Greg has been number one on Juliet's wish-list as a future husband since she was a little girl. And he's still gorgeous, sexy, charming and flirtatious. But... A) She's sworn off men. B) He's got a few secrets of his own... Ordinary Girl, Society Groom Eloise Lawton has finally found her family. But now she's adrift in the high-society world where there's only one person she can depend on: broodingly handsome Jeremy Norland. As family loyalties and secrets unravel, Eloise realises that if she falls in love with Jeremy, she's in danger of losing everything.

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