A groundbreaking book on solving our growing energy problemsIn this visionary book, leading energy industry executive Robert Hefner puts forth a convincing case about how the world can move beyond its current dependence on oil and toward a new era of clean, renewable energy.Written with the knowledge and authority of a major player in this industry, Hefner relates how misguided government policies and vested industry interests have contributed to our current energy problems and proposes a variety of measures that could encourage the use of natural gas, solar, wind, and hydrogen.Convincingly makes the case that natural gas is the essential bridge fuel to a new era of clean, renewable energy sourcesDetails how natural gas can help break our oil and coal dependencyOffers a sweeping, historic picture of the world energy situationPresents a compelling and provocative case that natural gas is key to our short-term energy problemsA well-written and engaging book that mixes personal anecdotes and experiences with insightful analysis, TheGrand Energy Transition is a powerful argument about how we can best solve our toughest energy problems.

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