Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 08 The Later Renaissance: from Gutenberg to the Reformation


An Outline Narrative of the Great Events CHARLES F. HORNE Origin and Progress of Printing (A.D. 1438) HENRY GEORGE BOHN John Hunyady Repulses the Turks (A.D. 1440-1456) ARMINIUS VAMBERY Rebuilding of Rome by Nicholas V, the Builder-pope (A.D. 1447-1455) MRS. MARGARET OLIPHANT Mahomet II Takes Constantinople (A.D. 1453) End of the Eastern Empire GEORGE FINLAY Wars of the Roses (A.D. 1455-1485) Death of Richard III at Bosworth DAVID HUME Ivan the Great Unites Russia and Breaks the Tartar Yoke (A.D. 1462-1505) ROBERT BELL Culmination of the Power of Burgundy Treaty of Peronne (A.D. 1468) P.F. WILLERT Lorenzo de'Medici Rules in Florence Zenith of Florentine Glory (A.D. 1469) OLIPHANT SMEATON Death of Charles the Bold (A.D. 1477) Louis XI Unites Burgundy with the Crown of France PHILIPPE DE COMINES Inquisition Established in Spain (A.D.1480), WILLIAM H. RULE JAMES BALMES Murder of the Princes in the Tower (A.D.1483) JAMES GAIRDNER Conquest of Granada (A.D.1490) WASHINGTON IRVING Columbus Discovers America (A.D

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