Attractive, arrogant, possessive - these sexy Greek fathers must claim their heirs! BABY Bargain Nikos Theakis happily paid Ann Turner a huge sum to claim his orphaned nephew and, though it broke her heart, Ann let her little ward go. But now young Ari needs Ann and Nikos will stop at nothing to see the boy happy, not even making Ann his mistress... Daredevil's Child Emily Tyler has made a living out of being cautious, so what is she doing falling into bed with Nikolas Leonidas, a man she barely knows? Emily is certain their passion will remain a one-off, but reckless Nikos isn't about to let her forget him, not when she carries his child! Old Flame's Secret Theo Pantheras can finally have anything his money can buy, except his first love Stella back in his bed. It's been years since they parted and now Stella is a mother! As it dawns on Theo that the child is his, he plans to make Stella his wife...

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