The sexy Greek millionaires are irresistible and ruthless! Wedding-Night Virgin Roan Zandros knows his new wife Harriet has chosen a marriage of convenience that will suit them both. What he doesn't know is that Harriet is an innocent! While Harriet desires a marriage in name only, red-blooded Roan means to claim his bride! Innocent Pawn Dimitri Kyriakis is a ruthless businessman with a grudge - against his own father! And he knows just the way to exact his revenge, he will take what his father most treasures, his latest mistress, Bonnie. But it's not until Dimitri brings Bonnie to his bed that he learns she is a virgin! Virgin Princess Thirteen years ago Yannis Markides threw a young princess out of his bed, but his chivalry was wasted as his reputation was destroyed anyway. Now he's rebuilt his fortune and his good name, and he's back to claim the debt owed to him by Princess Marietta!

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