Sarah Burge has led no ordinary life. Perhaps better known as the 'Real Life Barbie' because of her extensive plastic surgery, Sarah has recently become a darling of the press but her life has by no means always been easy. The Half a Million Pound Girl documents Sarah's life from aspiring Italia Conti student, through a spell as a prostitute and beautician, making-up dead bodies in a funeral parlour, to training as a beauty consultant and having AGBP500,000 worth of plastic surgery. Sarah's rollercoaster ride of a book also describes her dangerous affair with the married Arab who almost killed her, sleeping with George Best and her liaison with a vicar. She also spills the beans about her bizarre relationship with Hollywood actor Telly Savalas and how she got used to the high life whilst working as a Playboy Bunny. In this honest account, Sarah describes meeting first husband, John, how he abducted their daughter after the relationship broke down and how the wedding photographs from her second marriage prompted her to have her first cosmetic operation. These days, Sarah is an international celebrity and has appeared in the press and on TV and radio in the UK, Japan, Europe and Australia. She is a qualified Harley Street consultant and is in constant demand for interviews and photoshoots. This no holds barred autobiography is the story of a true survivor and a remarkable woman whose warmth and humour have enabled her to repeatedly triumph over adversity.

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