A valuable and comprehensive safety reference for any organization working with or around electricity.This comprehensive guide informs working professionals in multiple industries, such as manufacturing, processing, or energy, about safety procedures that should be used on the job. It informs the reader about the hazards in the work place and what to do to make sure he/she is protected.The Handbook of International Electrical Safety Practices presents readers with the proper organizational skills needed to avoid hazardous injuries, details environmental monitoring techniques, and discusses how to ensure that proper protection is used on the job. The authors cover not only obvious electrical safety considerations, such as exposed wires and evacuation plans, but everything related to electrical safety, such as air quality, sound level, and radiation. This reference provides the most comprehensive coverage for any company to keep employees informed and to keep their work environment safe.The Handbook of International Electrical Safety Practices:Contains working plans and templates for evaluating safety proceduresand conditions in the plantCovers common hazards and how to avoid them, such as radiation, noise, air quality, fire, and electric shockGives a comprehensive view of workers' rights and international regulationsGoes beyond regulations and laws to provide a workable blueprint for creating a safe industrial environment

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