Drawing together the new techniques available to the market researcher into a single reference, The Handbook of Online and Social Media Research explores how these innovations are being used by the leaders in the field. This groundbreaking reference examines why traditional research is broken, both in theory and practice, and includes chapters on online research communities, community panels, blog mining, social networks, mobile research, e-ethnography, predictive markets, and DIY research.“This handbook fills a significant learning gap for the market research professionand Ray Poynter has once again proven that he is a guiding light. The practical andpragmatic advice contained within these pages will be relevant to new students ofresearch, young researchers and experienced researchers that want to understandthe basics of online and social media research. Ray’s views on ‘how to be betterwith people’ and ‘how to maximise response rates’ are vital clues that are likely toshape the future of market and social research.”Peter Harris, National President, Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS). “It’s hard to imagine anyone better suited to covering the rapidly changing world ofonline research than Ray Poynter. In this book he shows us why.Whether you are new to online or a veteran interested in broadening yourunderstanding of the full range of techniques—quant and qual—this book is for you.”Reg Baker, President and Chief Operating Officer, Market Strategies International “Finally, a comprehensive handbook for practitioners, clients, suppliers and studentsthat includes best practices, clear explanations, advice and cautionary warnings.This should be the research benchmark for online research for some time. Poynterproves he is the online market research guru.”Cam Davis, Ph.D., former Dean and current instructor of the online market research course for the Canadian Marketing Research and Intelligence Association “Ray Poynter’s comprehensive, authoritative, easy to read, and knowledgeablehandbook has come to our rescue ... it is a must read for anyone who needs toengage with customers or stakeholders in a creative, immediate and flexible waythat makes maximum use of all the exciting, new technology now open to us. Market researchers need to know this stuffnow. I can guarantee that anyone who buys thebook will find it a compelling read: they will be constantly turning to the next page inorder to find yet another nugget of insight from Ray’s tour de force.”Dr David Smith, Director, DVL Smith Ltd; Professor, University of Hertfordshire, Business School  

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