A comprehensive reference for the poultry industryVolume 2 describes poultry processing from raw meat to final retail productsWith an unparalleled level of coverage, the Handbook of Poultry Science and Technology provides an up-to-date and comprehensive reference on poultry processing. Volume 2: Secondary Processing covers processing poultry from raw meat to uncooked, cooked or semi-cooked retail products. It includes the scientific, technical, and engineering principles of poultry processing, methods and product categories, product manufacturing and attributes, and sanitation and safety.Volume 2: Secondary Processing is divided into seven parts:Secondary processing of poultry productsan overviewMethods in processing poultry productsincludes emulsions and gelations; breading and battering; mechanical deboning; marination, cooking, and curing; and non-meat ingredientsProduct manufacturingincludes canned poultry meat, turkey bacon and sausage, breaded product (nuggets), paste product (p

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