HARE HUNTING By "TANTARA." (A Master of Harriers.) First published in London, 1893, this is one of the rarest of books dealing with English hare-hunting and the hounds that hunt them. It has long been a collector's item and is much sought after by both harrier breeders and huntsmen. Read Country Books has now re-published this intriguing work, using the exact text of the original, as part of its "History of Hunting" series. The book's 76 pages contain a wealth of historical information on: Old Hunting Authors. - Packs of Long Standing. - Hare Hunting. - Harriers. - Forming a Pack of Harriers. - Size of Hounds . - On Hunting the Hare. - Faults of Hounds. - Diseases. Hound Management. - Feeding and Exercising Hounds. - Diplomacy of Hunting. Supply of Hares. - Scent. - Habits of the Hare. - A Good Run. - Etc. This new edition is published in an attractive pictorial soft-cover format and is a worthy addition to any hunting or harrier fan's collection.

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