Help your dog enjoy a happy, healthier lifeYou do everything you can tomaintain your optimum health. Does't your best friend deserve the same? Your dog is a member of the family and needs the same attention as you do to stay healthy, be happy, and live longer. Healthcare & Nutrition For Dummies makes it easier to ensure that your canine is living a healthy lifestyle.A healthy dog from head to tail recognize the signs of a healthy dog and learn how to examine your dogs coat, skin, ears, toes, and teeth"Paws" to learn about nutrition discover the power of protein, the facts about fat, and the roles that carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals play in your poochs overall healthFeed me, Seymour select the best food for Fido, serve the proper portions, set a feeding schedule, and address special dietary needsReap the rewards of exercise enjoy fun and creative activities with your pooch to maintain or lose weight and keep joints healthyOpen the book and find:What to feed dogs who have diseases or allergiesThe benefits of nutritional supplementsHow to handle common orthopedic problemsWays to identify dental problems and how to care for your canines caninesThe signs of an aging dogHow to address vision and hearing issues, incontinence, cognitive impairment, and moreWhen to schedule a visit with the vet

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