A hands-on memory-training program for children and adolescents featuring dozens of practical, evidence-based memory exercisesA practical workbook designed to assist students whose academic learning is suffering due to a memory deficit or ineffective utilization of their memory capabilities, Helping Students Remember provides numerous strategies and methods to strengthen memory, including chunking, organization, keyword, self-testing, pegword, loci, and mnemonics.Drawing on the author's extensive training and experience, this useful resource presents effective techniques and lessons on:How memory worksMemorization methodsGoals for improving memoryRepetitionUsing cards to build memoryGrouping words by categoryStudy skills that help memoryUsing arithmetic to build memoryUsing music to rememberImproving recall during testsCreating and using review sheetsPicturing verbal informationUsing context cuesPlans for using memory strategiesWith an accompanying CD containing all of the worksheets and word lists for reproduction, Helping Students Remember is the first workbook of its kind for general psychologists, school psychologists, and special education teachers, offering practical, easy-to-implement, and evidence-based methods for working with children with memory impairments.

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