Taken by a seriously sexy business tycoon! On the Tycoon's Terms Sandra Field Luke McRae's dark good looks made him a magnet for women, but no one had managed to break into his heart...until he met Katrin Sigurdson. The powerful and aloof businessman vowed to make Katrin his mistress - but he made sure their arrangement was limited to the bedroom! Her Tycoon Protector Amanda Browning Shelby Greer is being threatened and needs protection. But when her bodyguard is hired she never expected it to be sexy, charming magnate Gray Compton, the man she never stopped loving. Will he keep things professional? One Night with the Tycoon Lee Wilkinson When millionaire tycoon Graydon comforts Rebecca at her ex-fiance's wedding, she is surprised to wake up next to him the following day! Then Gray makes a proposal - he wants to take her on a business trip. She has to accept, but does Gray want to mix business with pleasure?

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