Improper, incomplete or inefficient interviewing is a major reason why hiring mistakes are made - and a costly one. That's why the step-by-step system for making hiring decisions presented in The Hiring Blueprint is so useful - you can use it to start building your team quickly and cost-efficiently. This easy-to-use hiring manual is designed for small business owners and managers who have no human resource department, no time and little skill in finding and hiring the best people. The authors are business coaches with years of experience showing small businesses how to succeed. Their advice and insight will help you create a synergistic team that will grow your company and transform it into a great place to work. Topics covered include: The job description; Assessments; Telephone interviews; Interview preparation; The first, second and exit interview; Background investigations; Conditional job offers; Medical exams. The appendix contains valuable tools to make the job of hiring people easier. Ready-to-use forms include the cost of hiring worksheet, interviewer's evaluation of the candidate, interview guide and recap form, and interview checklist. You'll also get samples of a job description, classified ad, employment application, authorization to obtain a consumer report and conditional job offer.

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