The Marriage Proposition by Sara Craven Wealthy, ruthless Nick married Paige to get a seat on the board of her father's company. Yet Paige is tired of treating their marriage as a business deal. She's decided that if the sexy tycoon truly wants her, he will have to prove it! The Borghese Bride by Sandra Marton At first Dominic Borghese dismisses the idea of marrying Arianna to repay a debt. But when he sees her, his mood changes - she is the beautiful stranger he once shared an unforgettable encounter with and her little boy is the son he didn't know he had! The Bride Price by Day Leclaire Gideon is a highly successful - not to mention gorgeous - tycoon. He doesn't need to buy a bride! Yet Piper owes him big time and all she can offer is herself. Five years ago they were in love but it ended badly. Is he now willing to accept her proposition?

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