Pregnant by the Greek Tycoon by Kim Lawrence When Greek billionaire Angolos discovered Georgie was pregnant he told her to leave and never come back, believing she had cheated on him. Now he knows the truth and is determined to be father to his son - and win back the woman he cast out! His Pregnant Princess by Robyn Donald Tough businessman Hunter is like no other man Princess Lucia Bagaton has ever met. Giving herself to a commoner could cause a huge scandal, especially when Lucia's expecting his child! Hunter insists they should marry, but will this be a marriage of convenience? Pregnant: Father Needed by Barbara McMahon Widowed Amber is making a new life for herself, as an independent, single mum-to-be. Her neighbour Adam is a sexy fireman who's devoted his life to rescuing people. Amber's determined not to get involved with a man again...but Adam has other ideas!

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