She was innocent and destined to be his! The Wedding in White Diana Palmer Handsome ranch owner Mack Killain knew he and sweet teacher Natalie Brock had something special. He'd branded her with his kisses...but he was waiting for her to wake up, to know what - and who - she wanted. But he was running out of patience! Caught in the Crossfire Annette Broadrick Caught clad only in his boxers in the bed of a senator's daughter! Despite no memory of their night together, Jared Crenshaw knew that had he tasted this woman's passion, not even amnesia could make him forget. Still, there was going to be a huge scandal... So, Jared made an honourable proposal... The Virgin's Secret Marriage Cathy Gillen Thacker Once upon a time, hockey player Joe Hart fell in love with sweet, beautiful Emma Donovan. But then Joe discovered that Emma's father owned the team he played for. Seven years later, Joe returns for a second chance. After all, he and Emma eloped all those years ago - and they're still married!

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