Accident and emergency departments are the doorway to the hospital for acutely ill and injured patients. Whereas casualty departments have existed for over 150 years, they were often poorly staffed and managed. This book describes the fight to create a new specialty of accident and emergency medicine against much opposition from established specialties. It was first recognised in 1972 with 30 consultants being appointed as an experiment. Since then it has grown to over 500 consultants with plans for over 1300. It has moved from a few single-handed consultants to some large A&E departments having many consultants and providing 24 hour consultant cover. The book charts the developments that occurred in the first 30 years of the specialty including the formation of the Faculty of Accident and Emergency Medicine and exams in the specialty. The development of the specialty has been influenced by a variety of government reports and initiatives, all of which are described in detail.

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