This had been a local Corps - the Bhopal Levy (1859-1865) and the Bhopal Bn (1865-1903) - before gaining the title of 9th Bhopal Infantry (1903-1922). Its nickname at that time was 'the Bo-peeps'. During WWI it raised three additional Bns, two of which served in Mesopotamia, but this book is concerned mainly with the original pre-war (Regular) 1st Bn. It served on the Western Front with the Indian Corps, in Egypt, and then in Mesopotamia. Its adventures are described here in good detail, with plenty of individuals being mentioned by name in the narrative. In 1922, the 1/9th Bhopal Infantry became the 4/16th Punjab Regt. Index, Apps: with full citations, incl VC award to Sepoy Chatta Singh), list of former COs, list of other officers (1818-1914 and 1922-1930, with service details), list of Honorary Colonels, notes on units which supplied reinforcement drafts to the Regt during WWI.

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