Let's turn the clock back to June 2008, when we undertook the biggest adventure of our lives and without a clue what we were doing. We are Tony (36), Natalie (34), Molly (8) and Sam (5), and if you are a burnt-out family, bitten by the credit crunch, bogged-down by nanny-state legislation, collapsing under the burden that your life is flying by, with your kids growing up fast, together with the aching realisation that your career has positively stalled, whilst knowing that you only have the duration of the British school holidays to play with, then this is the book for you. If you like wildlife, campervans, Australia, barbeques, arguments with airlines, theme parks, Steve Irwin, and families that just limp from one cock-up to another, then it's all here too. In short, one mad family drives a campervan across AustraliaDisaster ensues. Let's be clear though, this is not a guide book. No way! We had one of those on our lap every day and we just looked at each other and shouted fraud! No-that's not what we are about. This is my travel story of a family trying to re-introduce themselves to each other after many stressful years, following a route following a route along the coast of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. Oh, and by the way, my wife is writing the same account but from her point of view. What could possibly go wrong?

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