In 2009, a 24 year old blonde beauty Fernley Valentine, and his ginger haired cuteasbutton, angelic face friend Jamie Vaughan, a year younger, decide to quite the rag trade as top models from endless travelling all over the world because a rich members' only gay club The Infinity Club in Shepherd Market, Westminster caught their eye. When told that an initiation sex test is involved with a sinister middleaged owner, Bobby Beaumont, which may allow them to join the other 'boys at the bar' to entertain rich clients, they decide that this was for them, and they pass with flying colours! Living almost within a stone's throw in an apartment block at Marble Arch, it seemed that Fernley had attracted a very rich banker from Hampstead whose son objected with fury, but then hesitated for a reason, while Jamie attracted more of the clientele' that liked the 'teenage type trade', and both with their strange lifestyles and invariable consequences, it was to the extent, that one of their client's, was more deadlier than the male! Was the heart of Mayfair the right move? Did Shepherd Market with all its past notoriety from the very wealthy to the underworld (nook or cranny), bring a dangerous excitement to an educated one from Hampshire and a smart Jewish one from the East End of London, or was it a mistake because destiny had already been written in the stars, for it to be changed!? Will you stroll down to Shepherd Market to its upmarket shops, expensive boutiques, cosmopolitan restaurants, notorious Victorian pubs, lanes and alleyways, because its secret may tempt you to try and linger for a while? But you must be bold! So are you really ready for the dare, or perhaps, its best to leave well alone?

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