What can managers do every day to get more and better work from people while giving them the flexibility they need? The answer lies in HOT Management-the breakthrough set of management techniques, skills, best practices and habits of the most effective supervisory managers in today's extremely demanding workplace. This pocket guide clearly and concisely spells out what you need to do to become a HOT manager. The author's message is simple, yet powerful: Make high performance the only option. Be a hands-on manager. And spend lots of time with employees spelling out expectations and clarifying standards. If you think it's getting harder and harder to manage people, this pocket guide's for you. HOT Management contains vital lessons any manager at any level can practice to increase productivity, quality, and morale-and, in turn, improve retention. Rich with examples from real-life work situations, HOT Management is the source of concrete techniques managers striving to get the best out of people need.

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