Are you ready to make an extra $100,000. $250,000, $500,000 or even $1,000,000 for talking about stuff you already know? Do you have a story or a message of hope, motivation, personal success or business achievement you believe can help other people? If you answered yes, then public speaking is a niche that you could add to your current business that can literally help you double, even triple your current income. "How I Became A Big Money Speaker... And How You Can Too!" will help you to potentially stop losing out on hundred of thousands (maybe even millions) of dollars you don't' even realize you are losing out on and will inform you about one of the greatest, most overlooked, most untapped, most lucrative business niches ... public speaking and why you should add public speaking as one of your income streams. Malinchak has made Big Money for over 12 years in a row and in "How I Became A Big Money Speaker And How You Can Too!", Malinchak will share with you how he got started making big money as a public speaker...and it was all by accident! You will also learn the 10 Biggest Mistakes to avoid when you add public speaking to your current business. Mistake #1, Letting Others Convince You That You Must Be a Great Speaker in Order to Make Big Money As a Speaker! Mistake #2, Listening to BS. Mistake #3, Listening to So Called Speaker Coaches Who Aren't Currently Speaking and Making a Ton of Money at What They're Claiming They Can Teach You And Much Much More.....

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