In this unique and exhilarating book, stand-up philosopher Tim Freke shares his own amazing journey of awakening to the ecstasy of oneness and the bliss of big love. He offers profound insights and simple wake-up techniques to gently guide you ever more deeply into an experience he calls ';lucid living,' an ultra-awake state available to all, which transforms everyday life into a wonderful adventure full of meaning, miracles, and magic. As his spellbinding story unfolds, Tim clarifies a host of common misunderstandings about what it is to be ';spiritual'; he offers wisdom about love, romance, and relationships; he presents a radical new understanding of death; and he passionately makes the case for our collective awakening. Full of warmth, laughter, tears, vitality, and style, How Long Is Now? is a timeless book to be savored and treasured.

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