How to Raise a Millionaire is the ultimate parent's guide to increase confidence and foster bully-proof self esteem in any kid. This book provides a unique action plan to help any kid start their own business in 5 days and in the process teaches them the six millionaire skills every successful person knows: Dream It, Believe It, Love It, Work It, Own It, and Give It. It also includes simple everyday tips to help parents raise a capable kid. Through the teaching tools of entrepreneurship, your kid will learn to be more responsible and follow directions better. You'll see them grow in ways you never expected. They will learn to dream outside the box, believe they can do anything they put their minds to, have passion for their goals, work hard to achieve what they want, take responsibility for their actions and the consequences, and have compassion for others. In How to Raise a Millionaire, Ann tells the story of how she successfully raised a millionaire in her son, Jack. How to Raise a Millionaire goes beyond the why, and shows you the how. It is practical, easy, and fun. You'll be amazed at how something as simple as helping your child start their own business can permanently open up possibilities they never knew existed. This book teaches you how to become your kid's Trusted Advisor. Your kids will learn confidence without cockiness, that the word "No" is a part of business. "No" from a customer means "Not today," how to save a portion of what they make so they can expand their business, how to talk to adults with respect and their head held high, and Much More!

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