How do you run a business that not only brings in the money, but provides satisfaction and personal growth as well? Nobody can answer that question better than Ralph Warner, who co-founded Nolo in 1971 . With How to Run a Thriving Business you'll discover the business philosophy and nuts-and-bolts advice that have let Warner thrive during three decades at the helm of a small business that began in the corner of a bedroom and now employs 100 people. How to Run a Thriving Business breaks it all down with 17 ideas, including:don't work long hourschoose a business you care aboutembrace your best competitorsget and keep a competitive edgeinnovate now and forevermarket your business creativelytarget your customersreact quickly to bad newsHow to Run a Thriving Business is the perfect read for anyone who's interested in starting a new venture, and for those who could use an infusion of practical advice to get back on track with an existing business.

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