I'll Run With You is the appropriately named chronicle of the life of William Boyd Chisum. This follow up to "Chasing the Wind" tells firsthand how the Grammy and Dove nominated song by the same name has inspired not only Chisum, but countless others. Readers will be drawn in by his frankness and faith and will applaud his strength and passion as he faces not only his own surgery, but his only son's as well. Watch how the story unfolds as they are enlightened and ignited and beat the physical odds and continue their ministry sharing Christ's love with their God-given musical abilities. Follow Chisum as he continues his journey ministering through song and testimony to those afflicted with physical hardships and mental anguish. Watch as a collision of legacies explode and gives birth to a new and better life for so many. See how one song can mirror the past and the future and is, in essence, a complete telling of the grace-filled story of William Boyd Chisum's life. "I'll Run With You" will inspire you and fill you with a new and never-ending hope. It will give you strength to run and win your race, no matter how many obstacles stand in your way. It will leave you joyously anticipating your greatest victory; the run that begins at Heaven's gate and ends at the feet of the Father.

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