Having achieved the age and status of 'Lady', Thrift Moncrieff begins the final part of her education at the Diplomatic School in the affluent part of London, which in her world continues to dominate the Empire in the year 2004. Victorian values still hold sway however and the girls wear layers of petticoats and constricting corsets. These however have special panels so the hinds can be bared for the frequent punishments the older women feel the need to dish out, at every opportunity! But it's not just the ferocious Miss Evans with her tawse that Thrift must avoid. Her classmates turn out to be much more dangerous! Poor Thrift is put through all the torments they can devise for her until the very last day of her time at the school! All the books recounting Thrift's adventures have been massive best sellers and Silver Moon is proud to offer them to readers of fine erotica once more.

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