It's your job to make email safe.Where do you start?In today's national and global enterprises where business is conducted across time zones and continents, the "e" in email could stand for "essential." Even more critical is rock-solid email security. If you're the person charged with implementing that email security strategy, this book is for you. Backed with case studies, it offers the nuts-and-bolts information you need to understand your options, select products that meet your needs, and lock down your company's electronic communication systems.Review how email operates and where vulnerabilities lieLearn the basics of cryptography and how to use it against invadersUnderstand PKI (public key infrastructure), who should be trusted to perform specific tasks, how PKI architecture works, and how certificates functionIdentify ways to protect your passwords, message headers, and commands, as well as the content of your email messagesLook at the different types of devices (or "tokens") that can be used to store and protect private keys

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