Implementing the Four Levels is a companion book to Berrett-Koehler’s bestseller Evaluating Training Programs, which has sold over 47,000 copies across 3 editions. Evaluating Training Programs is the standard work on Kirkpatrick’s four-level evaluation model, which is the most widely used evaluation approach in the training/human resource development world. It contains bare-bones explanations of the four levels (they being REACTION, LEARNING, BEHAVIOR, and RESULTS) and then case studies of the four levels in action. This new book presents how to implement those four levels by using seven keys for practical application: First Key: Analyze Your resources Asks some crucial questions to ask yourself to see what resources you have and what is needed to accomplish the task at hand. Second Key: Involve Your Managers If you are going to be effective in evaluating programs, you need to have their encouragement and support. If they have negative attitudes toward you and/or your programs,...

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