All Night with the Boss Lissa Coleman doesn't do office affairs. Hurt in the past, she keeps her guard up by being witty and sarcastic... But one look at her tall, dark and sexy new boss tests her resistance to the limit! Working closely with him, she discovers he's as hot in the bedroom as he is in the boardroom. The Boss's Wife for a Week For business reasons, Spence Tyack needed a wife for a week... Someone he could court in public and share a bed with in private. But who could he find to fill this position? Certainly not his demure secretary, Sadie Morrissey. But Spence was in for a surprise. It seemed his personal assistant was ready to step into the role - and not only was she sensible in the boardroom, she was sensual in the bedroom! My Tall Dark Greek Boss Gorgeous billionaire Samos Stilakos is the answer to every woman's prayers - tall, dark, Greek and rich! Sam wants to explore the attraction that sizzles between him and his new PA - he's sure she was his mystery lover - and Sam is the boss, the CEO, and he's not used to taking no as an answer!

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