"Billy O'Callaghan's writing evokes a sense of longing for place and the familiar. His characters are rendered with a lyrical stoicism that lends dignity to all our struggles." Suzanne McConnell - Bellevue Literary Review. "Billy's short stories are always a pleasure to read ...' John Dolan - Evening Echo. In Exile is an eclectic collection of short stories from one of Ireland's brightest literary talents. A marriage is arranged, shot-gun style; a terrorist is called upon for one last horrific job; a soldier recalls the trauma of his first kill; an artist, out of pity and loneliness, befriends a hunchback. And in the title story, a man who has built a comfortable life for himself is given a stark reminder of his past, the things from which he has been saved and what he has lost. These poignant stories give a rare and evocative glimpse into the days and nights of lost people - the weary and the vulnerable. Those whose lives have been wrenched apart, either by the inexorable tilt towards progress, or by the ghosts and shackles of a bygone era.

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