The Count's Blackmail Bargain For handsome Italian count Alessio Ramontella, seducing women comes as naturally as breathing. Then he meets innocent English beauty Laura Mason. She's sweet, tempting...and off-limits. Alessio must decide: leave or ruthlessly pursue Laura until she succumbs? The French Count's Pregnant Bride When Diana Reeves decides to find her birth mother, her search takes her to France, into the employ of Anton, the charismatic Comte de Valois. It's not long before Diana gets under his skin - and into his bed. When their passion leads to pregnancy, Anton insists on making Diana his wife! The Italian Count's Baby Katya Petrova believes her unborn baby really needs its father. Only talented Italian surgeon Count Benedetto, with whom she spent one passionate night, has no idea that she is pregnant! Katya's secretly longing for Ben to give her his heart, as she has given him hers...

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