Dramatic, romantic, full of gothic horror and the supernatural; the stories written by the Bronte sisters are classics of English literature. Within a few years of their classic works being published, fans were beating a path to their door. In the Footsteps of the Bronte Sisters investigates why the Brontes are so popular. It outlines the stories, particularly Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, which have made them so well known and tells of the tragic lives of the three sisters. The book looks in detail at places where you can go that are linked to the Bront sisters and their novels. They spent most of their lives in the Pennine town of Haworth, and other places connected to them include Halifax, Hathersage and Scarborough. It also shows how the stories have been portrayed in literature, film, television art and drama. You can visit many of the film and television locations including Alexandra Palace, London; Haddon Hall, Malham Cove and Stanage Edge.

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