Offering an in-depth look at Indias business world, The India Business Quiz Book provides fascinating insights into the countrys burgeoning corporate sector. The book is divided into four sections, each containing 10 detailed quizzies. The questions are exhaustive and topical, and include topics like:- Brands and Products- Mergers and Acquisitions - CompaniesA unique quizzitive index helps to measure the readers knowledge of the business world and is an immensely interesting feature of this book.The author has planned each set of quizzies so that grasping the facts is easy, helping to familiarize the reader with various aspects of each topic. It will be an invaluable resource for students, corporate executives, die-hard quizzers and the general reader. is an in-depth guide to world of Indian business. Designed to facilitate learning, this book, focuses not just on providing facts but also several lesser known and interesting details about Indias corporate sector.The book is divided into four detailed sections, each of which contains 10 detailed quizzies which include exhaustive questions on the topic. These sections include topics such as Brand and Products and Companies among others. The author has also devised a quizzitive index by which the reader may measure his/her knowledge of the business world.

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