Around two-thirds of all change efforts fail to deliver the planned results. Informal Coalitions reveals that, by ignoring the hidden, messy and informal aspects of real-life organizations, formal change programmes inevitably contain the seeds of their own downfall. This challenging new book shows how change arises instead from informal interactions, joint sense making and political accommodations made by people who are trying to make a difference in the complex, uncertain and ambiguous conditions of everyday organizational life. Uniquely, Informal Coalitions places everyday talk and role-modelling interactions at the forefront of an alternative change-leadership agenda. It also introduces a number of practical approaches to help line managers and organizational specialists to deliver this agenda more successfully. Along the way, the book sets out new, thought- provoking perspectives on critical aspects of organizational change and performance. These include leadership communication, cultural change, power and politics, coalition building, paradox and ambiguity, and organizational vision. This is essential reading for organizational practitioners at all levels, as well as for those who are interested in exploring the underlying dynamics of change.

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