In Inner Harmony Jan De Vries tells hoe we can achieve a harmonious balance between the three bodies of man-the physical, the mental and the emotional-to gain optimum health. Drawing on over forty years of experience spent dealing with patients who have lost their zest for life and joy of living he is able to refer to case histories and explain hoe the problems can be overcome. The twenty-two chapters in this book cover a wealth of information on how the reader can help himself through many differnt health comp-laints. The author refers throughout to dietary management and natural remedies to help resolve the health problems. Jan de Vries has pinpointed many typical complaits of today`s society with an under-standing that can only be ascribed to the vast experience and know-ledge that he has gained in treating thousands of people worldwide. Wtitten in an easy style, Inner Harmony contains a very positive approach to the problems prevalent worldwide in today`s society.

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