When Jasmine Grant makes a serious enemy of ruthless New York mob boss Ken Parks, she has no choice but to run. But how do you escape someone whose underground connections have no limits? With his gorgeous blue eyes, perfect white teeth, and full, sensuous lips, Parks grabs Jasmine's attention the first moment she lays eyes on him. However, when Parks tries to muscle his way into her father's business-a corrupt business that Antonio Grant has kept hidden from his daughter-Jasmine's world begins to crumble. She is framed for drug use, fired from her job, and her apartment building is burned to the ground. When she witnesses the brutal murder of her father for information Parks wants, Jasmine flees to Maine. Once there, she makes yet another shocking discovery about her father's business-all while Parks attempts to locate Jasmine and exact his revenge. Along the way, Las Vegas boss Billy Gorman comes to Jasmine's aid, bringing his own set of unsavory rules, and a U.S. Marshal with an uncanny habit of showing up at critical moments turns the tide against both sides. Jasmine's world of naiveté is forever stolen as battle lines are drawn in a deadly game of corruption, with humans as the grand prize.

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